Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday: A Lively Week, Politically...

...we can feel good about a string of good news, ending in the common-sense ruling that there should be no unfairness in the issuance of marriage license. As I wrote before,
marriage is even more sacred when it is not tainted by bigotry.

Likewise the ruling that laws should be interpreted as a whole, rather than by picking out snippets and complaining about them, should have been obvious, but it's nice to have that behind ... until the next round of complaints.

Finally, the world is getting tired of the Confederacy
, and it's more interesting that corporate America has decided it's no longer worth the price.
And that's the one thing that has me concerned. Typically the Supreme Court, and politicians elsewhere, use social issues to balance economic issues. A couple of "liberal" results out of the Supreme Court are very important (especially to those that they directly affect) but I am fully confident that they will be used as cover for yet another round of pummeling the 99%.
But winning half is better than winning nothing, so let's be happy for that!

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