Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today I Become a Father???

I am delighted that my first wife's daughter (...not by me...) is coming with her wife to live in Seattle at my house for as long as they like (...they'll pay some rent of course...).
I have given up figuring out what title apply to whom. I find myself going "Those young kids are great!" as if I'm some sort of 60-year-old commenting on the younger generation - which in fact I am (...when the hell did *that* happen?)
It sort-of makes me a foster father? Although they are both adults, so it's not like I'll be doing any parenting. To the contrary, we just simply grown-ups at different stages in our lives and getting along as best we can.
This is a very friendly neighborhood and I am certain these kids with thrive. OMG I said "These Kids!" I'd better get used to that.
So now I'm living with my 3rd ex and the kids of my 1st ex and up to six cats. Every family has its way. It will be very interesting to find out what this way is!

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