Saturday, April 18, 2015

Moving Saturday

My goal for Saturday was to re-arrange the basement in preparation for Kiera and Nessa moving in upstairs.
The full bed will work fine for them, and thrifty guy that I am, I figured I could convert the chaise longue section that Ginger abandoned in my basement into a sleeping solution. It took a bit of tinkering but I got the back to fold down by removing a pin (I think she got it at  bargain price because the regular mechanism didn't work) and the result works better for me - it's perfectly comfortable, and sized for one!
The cats are alternately puzzled and delighted by the changes.
Also today was the DAV 23 meeting at which elections were to be held. Plenty of people showed up; there was a full slate; but as things moved along, Tanner said we should delay because two members weren't there. The Commander agreed and said if the members didn't mind, we'd just put it off til the next meeting. The groups was going to go along with it until I ask why? none of the elections are contested, except that two people are running for Sargeant-at-Arm, so what is the reason for not going ahead with the plan so the new people can get started?
There never was a reason given for delay but it took more than 10 minutes of dithering to get to the point where someone said we didn't have a quorum. It was a visitor who had been introduced as a state commander; I think everyone assumed he was an authority on the rules and so when he said we did not have a quorum no-one questioned him. When it looked like there was going to be a delay of the election until next week, I asked for a clarification of "quorum" - what was the definition being used? When, they gave the usual definition and said it applied to Chapter officers - there had to be more than half of Chapter officers present. A head count revealed that more officers were present than absent, so we had a quorum and could proceed. Robin then moved that since the elections were not contested (except S-of-A, for which the Commander could appoint several) we elected the entire slate by one vote. 10 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained, motion passed.
I went into this in some detail because it shows something of the mechanics of the meeting that is worth remembering.

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