Saturday, February 07, 2015


I Work Out -
With Science!
As part of the brain study, on Friday I went to UW for an MRI.

It was relaxing, actually. They have an amazing pillow system that gave me the most restful position I can imagine - all it needed was a couple of purring cats. The process is noisy but with the ear protection it was not as bad as a number of parties I've been to. For the final scan, there was a simple memory test involving pushing one of two buttons for things such as seeing a letter that had been presented two letters before. I was determined to get a perfect score, but they didn't tell me; I suspect it was just a ruse to get my brain to exercise different parts. (This is probably just as well; in my excitement, I pushed the wrong button during the first series, messing up my score completely!)
I have heard that MRIs bother some people, and I do not question their actual experience, but for me, this MRI was no big deal. I enjoyed being able to make my contribution to knowledge of the brain!

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