Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Computer Donations Thanks to DAV Chapter 23 (West Seattle)

Chapter 23 (West Seattle) of Disabled American Veterans deserved a big thank-you! for donating four computers to the Community Living Center (CLC) at VA Puget Sound Health Care System late last year.
Computer Ready For Service
In the CLC Common Area!
The CLC is where you stay at the hospital for extended care, such as recovering from knee replacements or sometimes for hospice care. Staying connected with families that live in another part of the state, or maybe in another state, is hard. Email and the internet is one way to share photos and messages and generally stay in touch. However, the computer that was available to the patient had gotten old and didn't work well.
VAF contacted our friends at DAV 23, and they stepped up with a generous donation of two all-in-one computers, new from Costco. VA Facilities Management made sure these were installed on high-quality computer tables and secured with cables, so they will be in service for many years to come!
The other two computers were iPads for the use of bedridden patients. The staff explained to us that there are specialized utilities for iPads that help patients accomplish tasks, and these had proven their usefulness in other parts of the hospital. Security for iPads is accomplished by storing them in lockers with careful recordkeeping of checkouts. Unfortunately, these  are not in the budget. Presented with the need, once again, DAV23 stepped forward and veterans in the hospital are the beneficiaries.
Well Done!

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