Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday: Four Foods

Food Or Not Food?
I got fast food yesterday, as I was zipping around doing chores. It was fast, it was easy, it was very different from what I am preparing for myself.
The milkshake evoked the memory of taste, with a thickness that recalled cream and a sweetness that recalled flavor. When I match it up against an orange, the orange wins totally. The sweet had a more complete flavor, and I can feel my body reacting with approval.
My housemate buys Atkins bars to provide nourishment without bad stuff. This morning for breakfast I microwaved a sweet potato, which also provides nourishment without bad stuff: also without packaging, and without unneeded expense. The bar was 1 or 2 dollars, the sweet potato was a quarter or maybe 50 cents. From the standpoint of economy, environmental responsibility, and taste, there is simply no competition between these food items!
This month I am transitioning to a diet of no processed foods, or at least minimal processed foods - I'm not a fanatic and don't mind the occasional sin. As I make the transition, I am noticing that I am saving money and getting better taste. I know, people have told me this before, but there is nothing like having the actual experience!
The only real advantage processed food has is convenience. I bought the fast food because I had not packed a lunch beyond two oranges. The solution is to be organized. It's easier to actually do the organizing if I think of it as an investment: if I save $50 in fast food by putting in one hour on Sunday, that's effectively $50 an hour!

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Kanyram1 said...

Yes! and you can imagine the look on the McD's staff face when I stop in & the only thing that I get is the orange well, a decaff. I do rely on Cliff bars wth my apple or carrots & almonds however as I have found eating Greek yogurt & granola in my car is not good for the upholstery unless you like the Jackson Pollack effect. You are right on with the non-processed to-go bag approach. It is so much better. I do wonder if TSA will stop me someday if it goes through my oatmeal and flax ziplocs ;-)