Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Masters of College Application Degree at Diploma College

At Diploma College, we know you need a College Degree, but you don't have time to study. That's why we offer our unique Diploma College Masters in College Application (MCA) degree.
What Is Your Completion Rate?
The Masters in College Application is a practical program that will make you an expert in that subject matter, as proven by your successful college entrance application. 100% of our applicants who complete their application earn their MCA.
Wow that sounds great! How about getting a job after graduation?
The job application rate for our graduates is over 95%.
Are these jobs in their field of study, or just any old minimum-wage jobs?
Every graduate has a unique job application history, but graduates have applied for jobs earning $20, $50, even $100 an hour or more.
What if I decide not to complete the program?Not to worry! The first part of getting your MCA includes earning an Associate in College Education Financing. This practical, hands-on program helps you develop a relationship with lending institutions that may last your whole life!

Come to Diploma College!

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