Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Visit to the VA Hospital

New Computer at CLC
Donated by DAV 23
This morning my cats awoke me at their usual time, asking about breakfast. It's a nice way to start any holiday, if only because it assures my welcome at breakfast.
After a leisurely coffee and working a puzzle in the paper, I loaded a carton of books into the car and set out for the VA Hospital. It just felt like an appropriate thing to do, to restock books on a holiday and perhaps greet shut-ins.
Parking was plentiful, but the South Entrance didn't let me get far. A sign said for security reasons to go use the entrance near the ER. This was enough of a walk that I was glad I had brought only one box.
I had intended to go to the PCC on the 2nd floor, since I'd noticed a small play table for children there, and had children's books to drop off. However, the elevator didn't go there - most likely that was shut down for the holiday as well - so I simply stocked the adult books at the cart near the CLC, and was thanked by a visitor.
I then went to the CLC and was happy to see that one of the computers was installed. They used sturdy metal computer desks and secured the unit with a cable. I tinkered with it - of course it was Windows 8, which I find clumsy - but I was able to get to the DAV website and easily. I took a picture to show the DAV chapter that their donation was in use.
Home again, I gardened a bit, mostly moving some of the Red Hot Poker plants that were too close too the sidewalk. The way they reproduced, I'm about ready to offer extras to friends and neighbors (and indeed, yesterday I stuck one inside the fence at Don's house - a harmless prank that may beautiful the area - we'll see.)
I saw the new neighbors were moving into Brian's house, but otherwise didn't see many people in person. This was a quiet holiday, which is not a bad thing, and I am happy to have gotten some things done.

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