Friday, November 28, 2014

Ferguson no-trial shows strange conservative confidence in government

Like most of America, I don't know what really happened in Ferguson between Michael Brown and Officer Wilson, and I will never find out because there will be no trial.

However, I don't see why "conservatives" have so much faith in government that they don't want trials when a government official kills someone. The trial system has its flaws, but it is brings all the evidence out in an adversarial proceeding so both sides can point out its flaws.
The grand jury system does not do that, and is not designed to do it.
Some questions that will never be answered under oath and subject to cross-examination:
"Officer Wilson, have you ever met your victim before and if so, what was the nature of your interaction? When you said that the victim 'bulked up' to run at you, were you describing a physical change in his body?
When you said that he reached inside his waistband as he was running at you, were you aware that he had no weapon in his waistband or anywhere else?
Did you fear for your life when he was running away from you?"

And perhaps the most relevant question:
"Assistant Prosecutor, when you lied to the jury about whether a cop can shoot a fleeing felon, did you do so in order to taint the process or merely because you are incompetent?"

These questions will now never be answered, and it's strange to see conservatives celebrate the silence in apparent confidence that government can be trusted

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