Friday, October 31, 2014

Zumbaween At The Y

I love Zumba at the Y, Monday and Thursday nights. I guess I must have been going for a couple of years, because this is the third  Zumbaween I've seen. I've worn costume at the last two, trying to make something out of what I have on hand. This year I noticed that my collection of reusable bags had a huge selection of colors, so I stapled a lot to a t-shirt, tied a bunch to my belt, and set out with a bag on my head. Everyone smiled, and several had different interpretations of what I was. "Bag Man" was more popular although "Pile of Bags" and so forth also worked. It was fun just to nod and smile. This is an "After Dancing" photo so the costume is starting to some apart. We're there to dance and we're there to exercise and both can be a challenge to the staples holding bags on - it was like a full-body tutu I suppose.
Shown in the photo are many of my friends at the class; although we've danced for a couple of years I can't honestly tell you the names of most of them. Is our relationship is purely physical?

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