Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Tuesday: In Which Getting Organized Pays Off

I am sleeping poorly but, after talking things over with Vera, realized that it may be just that my sleeping habits don't fit the industrial clock. I resolve to simply work when I'm not sleeping, and sleep when I need to, and don't worry about it.
I found myself therefore neatening up at 3 or 4 in the morning. This is more practical because I'm in the basement and it therefore bothers nobody else. I napped while Kris was preparing for work, and when she left I got up and back to it.
I resoved to organize her lawsuit against me into a dedicated 3-ring binder. 3-Hole punching the pile of paper her lawyer sent me was awkward; it was simply too thick. I unstapled it to punch and discovered near the back there was some order or other to which I had to send a reply or the judge would grant it, no doubt on Kristine's terms.
I quickly drafted a reply. On the way over to meeting a veteran at the Thriftway coffeeshop, I mailed it to opposing counsel. After helping the veterans, I went to Seattle and filed the original with the court. Once again home, I filed the paper in the binder, noting a few typos but I'm sure they aren't significant. I don't remember the exact day on which I was served but it had to be after the date of the memo, so I should be o.k. or at least have an appealable issue if there's a problem.
Still, it showed the value of getting organized.
The more I think about simply buying Kristine out, the more practical it becomes. However it is a major, major project and I need to get on it. Lining up financial backers wouldn't hurt either.

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