Friday, June 20, 2014

Marriage Equality Wins Superbowls - an Exercise in Collective Intelligence

How This Thought Came To Be
Shows That The Process Of Thinking Is Changing
Responding to a ThinkProgress report on a NOM rally, I joked
"Look what happened in Washington State! we got marriage equality and promptly won the Superbowl. Would you want that to happen nationwide?
This got me a few laughs, which I had intended, and then someone chipped in
That is simply not true. What happens is that you pass marriage equality in Maryland and the Ravens win the Superbowl. Oh wait. That's two for two now isn't it? Vote for marriage equality, win the super bowl. Notice the trend?
Then another person wrote
New York Giants won the super bowl in 2012 after legalizing in 2011....New England Patriots won in 2005 after legalizing in 2004....Baltimore ravens won in 2013 right after 2012 legalization.... I am noticing a trend here

What is going on here?The interwebs is having a joke, yes, but it is also THINKING. A little research here and there, and suddenly we all are smarter. This provided the foundation of the meme I posted at the top of this article.
Now this is just a joke, not a huge thing. Although marriage equality *is* a huge thing, and to many people so is the Superbowl. But what may be the biggest thing of all is the process by which this thought came into being. It is an example of how the internet is making, not each of us smarter, but all of us smarter.
Or at least funnier.

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