Friday, May 09, 2014

The Second SEAL - Why the Silence?

Dear Outraged Conservatives: Your leaders invariably claim that no armed reaction force was sent to the Benghazi compound where four Americans were killed. They tell you that two SEALS died there, but they name only one - Tyrone Woods. There is a silence about  the second SEAL - Glen Doherty. Why do you think that is?

It's because Doherty was part of an armed reaction force sent to the compound from Tripoli. 

The entire "no armed force was sent" meme is a lie. If they talk about Glen Doherty, they have to admit they lied to you.

Doherty volunteered to fly to the rescue with six other armed men to Benghazi, and that in itself is heroic. Fox News knows this; every Republican in Congress knows this; their fans may be forgiven for not knowing this because most of you are too emotionally involved with Fox and the GOP even to consider the possibility that you are being lied to.

But here are the simple facts; you can verify them yourselves.
  • "Doherty was part of the quick reaction force that left Tripoli to help rescue the ambassador and his team at the consulate" - you can read this from Fox's own National Security Correspondent in 2013 - but it didn't make the headlines you're reading, did it?
  • "Doherty was nowhere near Benghazi at the time that the attackers first assailed the diplomatic mission. He was in Tripoli, more than 600 miles away, and would reach the CIA annex many hours later, just in time to participate in the pre-dawn battle that claimed his life." Erik Wempl analyzing how Fox News systematically edited its coverage to support the line that there was no armed reinforcements sent. It is starkly dishonest.
Years later, Benghazi is still being used to raise money for the GOP and pre-emptively strike at Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency. This is not surprising in today's hyper-partisan era; if you want to hate Hillary and to give money to your masters, hey, it's a free country - do what makes you happy!

But is it really necessary to lie about the heroism of an American? Are you PROUD to give money in support of a lie?

It looks to me that the Doherty family are just being quiet and not making a big deal about this. They deserve their privacy and should be left alone by every person of decency. If you want to pay your respects:
  • Read his story at the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation. He was a real person, not a political talking point and fund-raiser.
  • Accept the fact that you were lied to by never again believing the people who told you the Second SEAL never arrived.
A liberal and fellow American patriot.

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Karen Barry said...

Thank you for posting the truth. This is by far the best expose I have seen on the whole Benghazi thing. - Karen