Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Dandelion Season

Locally Sourced
100% Organic
Tasty and Cheap!
Every day I walk the yard - all the way around the house, just to see what's new, what needs doing.
This time of year, that means dandelions. Some people hate them, and I try not to grow any out front where the very sight seems to bother those who prefer yards like pool tables, but in the back I let them go, and on my walk, snag a cup of greens every time.
Dandelion greens are good as a salad stretcher, or cooked anywhere you'd use greens such as beet greens. Locally grown, 100% organic, they just need a light wash, more to be fastidious than anything else. Being able to eat right out of your yard is yet another benefit of not putting chemicals on it.
A little googling suggests that dandelion greens are loaded with nutrition, and I'm happy about that. The price is right too!

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