Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reflections On A Bathroom Mirror

With two mirrors at right angles in a corner, you can see yourself as others see you ... which is not very useful when you're shaving but can be fun to play with!
I just noticed this this morning, in the downstairs bathroom, as I pondered my beard. I brushed it to one side and it didn't quite look right - then I realized that the mirror image was not a mirror image!
I'd seen articles recently about people who had "invented" true image mirrors, and here I had had one in my basement all along. The question then became: how to show this concept in a way that was instantly understandable!
I used a book with text on the cover shows that the mirror is giving a true image. The soap dispenser was already in the foreground, and I didn't crop it because it helps show how things are arrange.
I took more than a dozen photos to get the expression right. If I did this professionally, I'd probably have some thingy to hold the camera in place, but even as is, this was a really fun photo to do!

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