Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Backyard of my Childhood Home, In the Snow

I'm having fun scanning mom's photos (which had been boxed and stored) and making them available to family and all. Much of it would be meaningful to no-one but us, but who knows? some little points may be of interest to anybody.
Here's the back yard of the house on Emander, in a 1960s-era winter. I'm guessing this is Ellen playing with one of the dogs?
Notice (camera left) the massive clothesline post dad built of 4x8s. The diagonal reinforcements let is support huge volumes of laundry without tipping over.
 Camera right is the sandbox he built; it was roofed against the rain. There we spent many hours digging, building mountains, deploying our green plastic Army men etc. (Years later, when I first saw a sandbox in a warm and sunny location, I was surprised to see that the stuff was dry and warm - what a luxury!)

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