Sunday, December 08, 2013

Busy Week

Earlier this week I met mom at a doctor's appointment. They like to have a family member present to help understand what doctor says and explain to her and to family as needed. When the visit was over, mom get into the transport van and I went home. We had the usual hug and a kiss and goodbye.
A day or two later the news came that she had an event, probably a stroke. She's in the hospital and the news is not surprising for someone of her health condition but it's not good either. We'll be having a family meeting Monday for the hospital staff to brief us.
Things are basically out of anyone's control; biology and so forth have their way and we can only do our best.
Last week I heard of the death of William T. Booker, a Tuskegee airman who I'd helped at the VA.
Last month was the death of my father-in-law, Larry.
My Aunt Sugar, whose husband passed away, responded to the news about my mother with the comment, "This shit has to stop".

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