Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day 2013

This wedding plate hung in the old house
The day after Christmas, I met Dan, Dave and Eric at mom's storage unit to take inventory. There had been some family discord about the distribution of mom's stuff, and the easy way to fix that problem is simply to inventory everything, make a spreadsheet, circulate it for people to say what they wanted or not, and then negotiate compromise where needed. But the first step is an inventory.
While there was a melancholy background to the event (after all, our mother had died) there was also a lot of fun. Some of the stuff brought back memories, and we discovered things we had never seen before, such as Dad's pictures of his time on Okanawa as a young soldier. I guess I inherited my love of casual photography from him! We resolved to scan these photos and put them on the web, as a contribution to human history he'll never know he made.
We also made a lot of highly inappropriate jokes (as Kris says, that's how men show their love) and most important of all, got the job done. It took a little longer than we figured, but we figured on that.
Spikefang the Biker and his B1t@h

This record cabinet has existed
for as long as I remember

Mom sewed a lot. She made shirts
and pyjamas and who-knows-what

We all wore this snowsuit

Love letters. We might send them to Jerry
who had joked about reading dad's letters to mom

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