Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ten Things I Am Thankful For Right Now

New Wintergreen Berry
Evidently Scion of
Original Plantings Nearby
This is not the most profound list, but it is mine. Why stress about making the best possible list? Just be thankful and move on.
  1. Wintergreen berry bushes are propagating. I should have expected this but it was nice to discover that they are spreading out in our garden and producing berries on the other side of the garden where the originals were planted.
  2. My pants are falling down. This is because I'm either losing weight or firming up. Partly this is due to our classes at the Y, partly this is just being comfortable with being a little hungry sometimes and responding not by eating but by checking whether I'm clear-headed and, if so, letting it ride until lunch.
  3. Classes at the Y. Meeting Kris there after work and doing weights or zoomba or whatever is a nice couples activity. It gives something for us to complain about together ("Man, that set really hurt!") while actually being good for us.
  4. Zoomba. I had mentally snickered at the name for a year but once I actually tried it, I realized that it's very logical activity. Basically, it's doing calisthentics for an hour but, unlike calisthenics, it's not boring. As a result, I *can* do it for an hour and feel happy while doing it.
  5. Beer and Ibuprofen. This is directly related to Zoomba and classes at the Y.
  6. Beer and Friends at Big Al's. Every community needs a place to get together have a brew and talk about nothing. 
  7. My blood pressure is going back to normal. I donate blood regularly (platelets now, mostly, because the Blood Center prefers it) and for the past couple of years my BP was questionable. I was turned down a few times because the lower measurement went over their guidelines. Finally one of the nice white-coated people ("I'm not a doctor") kindly and firmly told me that I really needed to do something about it. I consulted a doctor who wanted to start me on drugs. I asked what drugs and she said a diuretic. I asked about how that worked and basically it meant I would pee a lot more, so the sodium and whatever would be expelled more. I asked about just drinking a whole lot of water, and she said "....".  Well the upshot is I've been drinking a whole lot of water, which is inconvenient because what comes in must go out, but the result is that the last time I donated, my BP was almost normal. You can't get a cheaper drug than water! and I don't think the side effects are worrying.
  8. Cellphone camera. I just love taking pictures and sharing them. Kris will often see something noteworthy, which I photo and share and get the credit for being clever, but really, it's mostly because I carry the camera right in my phone.
  9. Kris is patient. No explanation needed. Just thanks!
  10. There is no tenth item. Well, actually there are far more than ten items, but I love meta humor too much to admit it.

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