Friday, November 01, 2013

November 1 Volunteer Attorney Training for Survivors of Human Trafficking CLE

I spent most of Friday November 1 at the "Volunteer Attorney Training for Survivors of Human Trafficking in Washington State" that I had helped organize
It seems to be a great success and I met a lot of interesting people.
Some goes wrong in every human endeavor, and in this case it was the photocopying. I had agreed to do the copying, and the speakers sent me about 8 files. 7 of them seemed to be normal event handouts, which I got copied at Explorer West at Cyril's suggestion (thanks folks! that's a generous contribution) but the last item was a power point of more than 100 slides. I figured that they really didn't mean for me to copy that, and sent them a quick note asking about that, but it didn't get answered - there was quite a flurry of last-minute emails. Well when the speakers showed up, everything went well until they asked about the PP handouts - apparently it is normal at events of this sort to print the slides 3-up and with an area for taking notes. I asked our SU contact where the nearest copy store was, and she said she'd take care of it. She did  too - the material was available within the hour and the speakers were paying for the copying out of their grant. So it all worked out but I Learned A Lesson!
(I also saw people taking notes on the thing, so the speakers were quite right.)
During the last break in the afternoon, when people were mentally dragging, Kathleen's assistant Maria asked me about the happy hour plans. I checked with the speakers, suggesting that we announce it now so people would hear about it before the end of the program (and a rush for the exits); they thought that was a good idea (they're really smart people) and when I made a basic announcement, everybody perked up! There were 12 or 15 attendees and speakers at the happy hour at Van Trapps, and they were mostly still talking when I left after an hour. The social aspect of the event seemed helpful for building group solidarity, or just having fun. Several went to El Centro's Day of the Dead event but I needed to get home to help with chores.

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