Saturday, October 26, 2013

What A Crop of Seattle Spuds!

One Pot, One Planter Spud,
and Time Made This!
Today I harvested the potato crop from one container, and the result is as shown in the photo: from one small wrinkly spud I got half a hatful of potatoes, plus a lovely bit of glass art that looks like a green shell. Is it the soil or is it the air?

Reasons to plant spuds:
  • Foliage looks nice in the summer (I shuffle the pots around to fill in empty spots along my driveway)
  • Not much care needed (I am truly a lazy gardener)
  • Cheap to plant (especially if you forget things in the back of the pantry)
  • Easy to harvest 
  • Fun to eat!
QUESTION:  Should I plant that glass shell next spring to see what it raises?


Rob @ Eco Passport said...

I still haven't planted potatoes. Next year I plan on experimenting with a few designs to get the maximum potatoes from minimal space. There are a few tricks I've read where you build up your earth vertically as the plant grows. Fingers crossed!

La Alicia said...

those look delish. maybe the green glass potato can stay in a windowsill -- that might be hard on your teeth! ;)