Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why are the Gundamentalists Blaming Clinton for the Navy Yard Shootings?

Following the latest mass shooting there is much fake outrage about "disarming" our military personnel on base. The relevant Dod Directive is AD-A272 issued February 25, 1992 under President George H W Bush (who unlike most of today's conservative leadership had actual combat experience). The copy circulating on the internet has a 1993 overstamp which has fooled many into blaming President Bill Clinton (not that he wasn't going to get the blame anyway, but I digress ...)

(n) The worship of guns; a modern religion based on buying, owning, carrying and shooting large numbers of firearms in situations where they are not really necessary.
Gundamentalism promises to free you from the meaninglessness of everyday life by letting you stroke long hard objects and make loud noises while fantasizing about killing your enemies.

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