Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Political Humor In September 2013

One of the images I crafted back during the election circulates still on Facebook, gathering likes and comments, mostly through the Being Liberal page.
This was one of my early efforts, back when I was shy about signing my work. If you look VERY closely at the bottom left, you can make out "rewinn" in sandy beige. 
Meanwhile ...

Don't you think it's wonderful that Steve King is able eat so well at taxpayer expense? $3880 for six days of fine dining in Russia is what a King deserves, right?


Another pack of numbnuts was showing off the flag of treason, but they had stars where they should have had letters. I fixed that:

This story should anger everyone who, as they say, "supports the troops" - the governor of Oklahoma decided to deny spousal benefits to National Guard troops who are gay. I guess "small government" means deciding who is worthy of wedded bliss and who must remain single, and "support the troops" means nothing.


It's always handy to have this around

Here's another one from a while back that has proven useful this month, as what's-her-name just can't get used to not being relevant:

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