Wednesday, September 11, 2013

House Painting in Renton

I spent Wednesday providing manual labor on a house painting job by my brother. It was a long day and it was the favorite work of neither of us, but there's some satisfaction in seeing the work getting done. It could not all be completed because the chimney at the end is strangely tall and we'll need to rent an extra-long ladder, but nearly all the work is done. I discovered in this process that I really, really do not like to be on roofs. This seems odd because roofs are very solid but that's the way of it. Dan does not like heights either but he showed the ability to gut through doing what had to be done. If you look closely you can see him up top, on a roof that was very hot from the sun.
Afterwards I joined Kris, her mother and sister, and many others at Big Al's for a Wednesday beer and grill. Manual labor does build a healthy appetite!

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