Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weak Men Fear Strong Women

One can (and probably should) disagree with Hillary Clinton on matters of policy; one does not have to like Michelle Obama even though the odds are that she's smarter AND physically stronger than you; I don't even know who the heck those Russian athletes were who kissed at the recent Games to protest anti-gay laws.
But one thing is clear: much of the opposition to them is founded not on policy, but simply on the fear of strong women.
I suggest guys (and overly traditionalist women) relax. A little more competition is a good thing, and strong women taking their place in the world will make it better for all of us.
Or be afraid, because you know can't compete with them. It's your choice.
Facing your fears is the first step to surmounting them.

And pointing out those fears *is* kinda fun. It lead me to create the Weak Men Fear Strong Women page - jump in, it's fun!


Don Thompson said...

Women are becoming rulers and leaders of the men in the world. Women are spiritually and mentally stronger and smarter than men on the average. Health and fitness are dominated by women and it only a matter of time, in the coming generation that women on the average will and are becoming genetically superior and physically stronger than men. We as men are no competion to women and will have no choice but to accept the reality that women have put us men in our rightfull place of being obedient and submissive to them as they have been to us. The tables are being turned on us. In reality we come from women and belong to them. We are here for womens pleasure, to be molded by them to suit their needs, to serve, adore, worship, and obey them and love doing it. That is mans reward, to be subservient to women and love doing it, to feel the bliss of complete surrender to our masters. This is the salvation of the world.


That's about as insightful as saying "black men fear the Klan."

Men are scared of people who want to hurt them because of their immutable characteristics.

Randy Winn said...
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Randy Winn said...

So Mr. Haha thinks women are like the klan?

That's a good example of what I'm talking about. He's afraid they are going to beat him up.
Don't worry. I rather doubt you're in serious danger, but if you are, maybe you can get a woman to protect you.
Equality means there's more competitors, and men can't rely on being a man to put them at the head of the line anymore.