Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clothesline ban is not enough!

The Seattle Times quoted a Homeowners Association spokescritter who said that banning clotheslines was a good idea because, among other things, they pose a "strangulation hazard." (Clothesline crusaders call laundry flap overblown)  I Sh1t You Not!
I agree, but clothesline bans on the basis of "strangulation hazard" do not go far enough!!! ("Clothesline crusaders call laundry flap overblown") Many housing developments have huge structures of flammable wood lying around, topped with toxic asphalt shingles. This is so dangerous that we have expensive "Fire Departments" for when these "houses" burst into flame. And gigantic metal objects - some weighing several tons - careen around housing developments or even park near sidewalks where these "cars" risk crushing pedestrians. And then there are the members of Homeowners Associations: human beings. Are you aware that 100% OF HOMICIDES are caused by human beings? Please help!
For the sake of safety, don't ban just clotheslines - ban houses, cars and humans from housing developments!!!!1

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