Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15: Taking Mom To The Doctor

When mom goes to the doctor, it seems to be policy that a family member must be along to push her wheelchair. It was explained to me in terms of liability but maybe they also want a third party to listen to what the doctor is saying. They put down notes on a packet mom takes back to her care provider, but there's no substitute for ears on the ground. Or whatever.
Monday the 15th it was my turn. I met her at Bethany and rode in the van over to the doctor's (note: it's a good idea to make it clear when the van appointment's made if you're riding along, because the van coming back may not be the one going over, and maybe there wouldn't be room. Ooops!)
We got to the doctor more than half an hour early, so we went for a walk. The doctor is right next to where mom used to live, Emeritus, so we rolled over to see if anyone was there to say hello. And there was - in the room where the medical aides work, there were two people who she recognized. There were hugs all around and a lot of happy talk, catching up with people and finding out who's where.
Mom had lived at Emeritus many years, and although she had to move, it's quite difficult to miss the people you see on a daily basis. Maybe every time we go to that doctor, we should factor in a little time for a therapeutic stroll around the old place

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