Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bullet Standard: A Modest Proposal

Ever notice how the same people who want us to go back to the Gold Standard almost always think that they need a whole lotta guns?
Have you *ever* met someone who favored reasonable regulation on dangerous weapons who also wants the end of paper money.
Friends, let us reason together. There is a compromise:

The Bullet Standard!

Congress can enact a simple law, backing paper money with bullets. I suggest this should be to make each bullet worth a flat amount, such as $5.
Now all the people who want solid specie can be happy. Some would prefer a pocket full of 22s for the convenience, others would display their bling with a pile of .50 cal.
The people who want to cut down on gun violence could also be happy. Everytime someone blazes away they would literally pay a price, which should lead some of them to be more thoughtful. Large-capacity magazines could be retooled into change purses, and coin collectors would do their part in taking millions of bullets out of the marketplace.
I appreciate that there are problems with this system, as there is with any system. We'll probably want to draw the line on explosive shells; explosive money is just too reminiscent of uncontrolled inflation.
There would be a problem in cutting over to the new system. Banks are notoriously short of bullets, and cash drawers would have to be retooled to fit bullets instead of bills. ATMs will have to be "recalibrated" as well. But these are transitional issues. We've tried almost everything else to heal our economy and reduce gun violence; why not attack both problems at the same time?

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