Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: Some Gave All, The Rest Of Us Can Give Blood

Giving blood is d@mn manly
that even your microscopic platelets
have to be tied down!
On Memorial Day this year, I went to the Puget Sound Blood Center and to give blood. They asked me to give platelets instead of whole blood so I said, sure, they're the experts, whatever they want. It took an hour or two while I played games on my cellphone, and there was cookies after.
Donating blood is not in the same category as serving our country in our forces, but it's something most of us can do so why not?
I wish I could say that I deliberately choose donating blood on this day as some sort of tribute to our veterans but the truth is that they called and I answered. It's not necessary to wait for the call; you can volunteer! Just contact the Puget Sound Blood Center if you're in my area; otherwise try the Red Cross Blood Donation Page.
Is this not a fitting tribute to those who served? And it gives you more reason to enjoy a big steak after!

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