Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hair Donation Time!

Saturday I went to our local barbership to have my ponytail cut off.
I grow it out so that every couple of years, I can cut it off and send it to a charity that makes wigs for kids undergoing chemo. It's an easy thing to do, but it means that I don't see the barber very often.
Last time I did this, my niece Taryn was in hair school, and did the cut as a training project. She did a great job!
This year, she's busy working and I didn't want to take her time away from her business; also I want to check out a local barber in our neighborhood. It's Platinum Cuts & Styles at 9434 Delridge Way S.W., right next to the Triangle Tavern that I visit every couple of weeks, but I'd never been in the barbershop.
I'm no expert on the barbering profession, but I'm very happy with the results.I got a very good haircut, complete with a couple applications of hot towels and a lot of snipping and detail work. The "after" photo unfortunately caught the barber with a blank expression, but he was really quite bright an animated throughout the process. I would recommend the place without hesitation, and fully intend to get my next haircut there. However, that might not be for the next year or so!


Toots McGee said...

It's been that long? Yikes!

Randy Winn said...

Time goes by so fast! Yes, it's been a couple years since the last cut ... we'd better have fun while we can!