Monday, March 25, 2013

Politics: Obama On Law Review, the Gay Marriage Pope, And More

There are still idiots who question whether Obama actually went to Harvard, claiming that no-one remembers him going there and there's no articles in the Law Review by him. These people are of two types:
1. Idiots who don't know how law reviews work
2. Liars who do know but make money by trolling.
A few minutes with the google produced this photo of Obama and the rest of his Law Review staff

I'm having a lot of fun with MS Paint, as the cheap alternative to Photoshop. The following are more-or-less original - that is, I added text to someone else's photos to make a point that I hope is sometimes funny, sometimes pointed. I created these mostly to express my thoughts on Facebook and similar venues, and a few people have objected, but (A) I can document facts to support my assertions and (B) politics is something all grown-ups have to participate in; your only choice is whether to do it or to have it done to you. At least the web gives everyone a chance ... however small ... to have our viewpoint seen, if we're clear enough, cogent enough or funny enough.

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