Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mark The Edge Of Your Punch Card: Tiny Life Tip

See my card? It's in the W's and has the edge marked
with a dot-dash-dot pattern in blue ink
Like many other people, I have a little card at some of my favorite coffee shops that get a punch whenever I buy something. When the card fills up, I get something free. The problem with this system is fishing through the card container to find my card can take a while; even though the basket of cards is divided by the first letter of the last name, there's quite a few people whose last name starts with "W" so it worked take a minute to go through them one-by-one, which isn't way too much time but seems inefficient. In the photo, all the cards between the letter "X" and the next blue divider card down are W's.
To help me pick out my card swiftly, I marked the edge of the card with an uncommon pattern. I used DOT-DASH-DOT, which is Morse Code for "R", the first letter in my first name. Now picking my card out of the stack takes almost to time at all; in fact, you can probably spot in the this photo.
OK, I'll admit that this is not a world-shattering discovery, but if you use this system it may save you a bit of time. But please, if your last name begins with W, don't use Morse Code for R - save that for me!

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