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4freeCLE: Your Free CLE Newsletter! December 16, 2012

4freeCLE: Your Free CLE Newsletter!
December 16, 2012
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2012 Webcast CLE
2013 Webcast CLE
On-Demand Recordings
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Turn an idle hour into CLE credit with your choice of dozens of free recordings, available to you anytime, on-demand!
Learn more at 4freeCLE's On-Demand Page.
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Webcast CLEs: Accessible Whereever You Have A Web Connection!
2012 Webcast CLE

Live credit, in many jurisdictions, can be earned in the convenience of your home, office or vacation cabin!
2013 Webcast CLE
Plan Now for 2013!
Why not calendar next year's learning now, to start the year off right!
Find more webcasts at 4freeCLE's Web-Based CLE.

On-Demand CLE 
Computer Lab
Learn What You Need, When You Need It, With On-Demand CLE!
Learn and earn credit on your own schedule!
Find more on-demand programs at 4freeCLE's List of On-Demand CLE.

Remember to Bring Business Cards To In-Person CLEs, So You Can Network As You Learn!
In-Person CLEs State-by-State

Most in-person events are great places to meet your colleagues, share experiences and make your interests known. A question prepared ahead of time, if both relevant and succinct,can both address a problem you encounter in practice, and show yourself to the speaker and to the audience as someone worth knowing. A conversation during a break can lead to future opportunities, especially if you are prepared for that conversation!
In-person event are often eligible for credit in multiple states either by application or reciprocity.  
Do you know of an event offering free CLE? Send us information about free CLE and we'll publicize it for free!

New York
Need More By Year-End?
As the year winds down, many professionals face a need to earn credit quickly at little cost. If this is your situation, email the editor and I'll see if I can locate something helpful. If you are able to use online recordings, you should be able to get much of your need satisfied.
About 4freeCLE
4freeCLE is delivered weekly and will always be free!Please forward to your fellow professionals so they may benefit; if this was forwarded to you, get your own subscription for free by signing up now! 
If you are interested in providing free CLE, contact the editor and I'll be happy to help with publicity. I may also have a few ideas for making your program available more widely, based on what I've learned from reviewing more than 1000 (one thousand) free CLE offerings..

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