Monday, November 05, 2012

Ultimate Concession Speech!

My Fellow Americans And Members Of My Campaign:
Thank you for coming here tonight. We fought a good fight but, unfortunately, the other side got more votes.
Found On The Internet: Some Pretty Cool Neighbors!
In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea for me to have said my opponent would turn our land into a Hellscape teeming with festering trolls. Who knew that there were so many World Of Warcraft fans? Who knew how many of them run trolls?
It was probably also a bad idea to follow my consultant's advice on robocalls. Yes, people are extremely susceptible to suggestions whispered into their ear at 3 a.m. but, oh man, do they hate being called at that time!
Finally, let me remind my supporters that it's only three years to the Iowa Caucuses. Let's get out there and get started!

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