Sunday, November 04, 2012

the Fact-Checking election

Dr. Brin's policy analysis of this election is spot on and helpfully annotated by hyperlinks. And policy may matter, especially to the corporate-but-not-suicidal clade, best represented by Bloomberg. However, I'd love to see (after the voting and the legal battles, when GOTV can be let go until the start of the next election [roughly January 22, 2013]), some analysis of the cutover from passively relying on TV commercials (whether paid commercials or "News" [disinformatzia] programs) to interactive habits, especially fact-checking. I may be guilty of observer bias, but the people I hang with enjoy fact-checking; being able to respond to a "Benghazi-Is-A-Scandal" Trolls with Third Party dispassionate debunking; it combines the brute in-your-face joy of sports with the not-so-secret desire to Know Things You Don't Know! In 2012 the factchecking trend may not be enough to overcome the Bretz Flood money, but is it not a hopeful trend regardless of one's party affiliation? (One would have to be naiive indeed to think ... as I confess I may have at one time ... that the Democrats don't need independent fact checkers as well.)

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