Sunday, November 11, 2012

Petition To Preserve The Union!

Union Army Encampment
A Debt We Owe!
Electoral losers are petitioning on to allow secession. The rules are, if a petition gets 25k signatures in a month, the Whitehouse promises to respond. Rather than curse the Endarkenment, I created a counter-petition which I ask you to sign and/or improve. Peacefully Keep The United States Of America As One Nation, A Union Of States Succeeding Not Seceding, E Pluribus Unum! "E Pluribus Unum" - Out Of Many One! is the motto of our great nation. We do not all agree on every issue but our disagreements make us stronger through the healthy process of rational criticism. To the minority who think that losing an election is a reason to destroy the Union, we say: grow up! think things over and come up with better ideas! Our ancestors died to keep the Union strong, and we must pass on to our descendants a unified nation: full of noisy discord and the clash of ideas, but out of the free and peaceful exchange of ideas, an even greater Nation!"


EDITTED: or you could just go with this petition: 
Sell the Republic of Texas to Mexico for the amount that would erase our national debt and rid ourselves from Texas.

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