Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ads Within Ads: How to Get MORE Politcal Ads on TV! #pres2012

Embedding Romney Ads Inside Mourdock Ads
Delight Voters With A Double Pleasure!
Facing a shortage of time to air political ads, campaigns are now turning to placing campaign ads within other campaign ads.
"It's similar to product placement on a sitcom," explained a salesman. "Your typical campaign ad shows an American highway with spacious skies and  billboards. We simply place campaign ads on those billboards. Or where there's a crowd listening to a candidate talk, we have them holding signs for an allied candidate."
Take, for example, Republican Richard Mourdock, locked in a tight race  running for Indiana's Senate seat against Joe Donelley. Mitt Romney made a TV ad specially endorsing Mourdock as the sort of guy Romney really liked.
But Mourdock needed more help, because his views on pregnancy resulting from rape as "Intended by God" might hurt his standing among women that worship a competing God Who disapproves of rape. This created a problem: all available ad time had already been sold!
Trust good old American ingenuity to sold the problem. With "Ads-within-Ads", TV stations can sell the same ad time twice!
But what do voters think?
"I love this!" said one TV addict, who asked to remain anonymous. "This lets me view twice as many political ads as ever before. The only question is: what will they think of next? I hope someday they can beam political ads directly onto the back of my eyelids, so I can watch them while I sleep!"

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