Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Positive Images

One of my brothers challenged me to produce political images that were positive. He and several others had expressed weariness with negative materials. Even though I think my negative content is well-founded, still, the comment makes sense and ... even if it didn't ... it seems to be a real expression of a real feeling. You just can't tell people they don't feel what they say they feel!
So the challenge is to create truthful (or at least truthy) images with political impact that are positive. I'd like to add "funny" where possible, because stuff which is just uplifting without being humorous can sometimes be treacley. Well, we'll see....

Rather than mine my old stuff, I wanted to start with something new. AND I am still thinking of the earache for which I am taking drops ... this image and text sort of flowed out of it:

Real graphic articles will point out a whole lot of problems with this image, but for an amateur using MSPaint, I don't think it's entirely bad. Anyway, it made me snicker!

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