Friday, August 17, 2012

Iraq WMDs: How can anyone forget the lies?

I can't BELIEVE there are still people claiming that everybody thought there were WMDs in Iraq just before the invasion.
I just got that line from a guy I knew in college; a fascist who defends torture and state murder on the grounds that, well, it doesn't SAY in the Constitution that you can't torture foreigners, so something. It's really disgusting; creeps like that stank up the listserve of my college friends to the point where I can't go there anymore.
So he comes onto my facebook page and posts his trash. But there I feel comfortable bitchslapping him with the truth, and with citations to the truth.
It's a total lie: our administration KNEW there was no evidence of WMDs, but the lies keep flying around.
Here's a thorough debunking:
I don't need to feel grumpy often, but I draw the line at torture and state murder. And this is a scrapbook so it gets the bad with the good.

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shah said...

You are of my genre whose light of conscience is still flickering.