Friday, August 31, 2012

A Tire-ing Day

Flat, Flat filler that didn't work, Spare with pushpin
Thursday was a different day.
I was discussing with Mother-in-Law a problem I was having with taxes and a prior business partner. The IRS recently told me that a bit of money I had earned in a business partnership a while back had had no taxes paid, even though the partners had held on to some of the money for taxes. The former partners were not eager to cough up the money and I was pondering whether it was better for me to continue negotiating on my own, or turning it over to someone who did that for a living, when I looked up and saw my car had a flat.
No problem, I thought! I dug out the can of flat sealer in my trunk emergency kit, read the directions, and started inflating. That failed; the white goo spit out from somewhere around the metal wheel ( retrospect, maybe I should have jacked up the car to take weight off the tire and re-establish the connection between the tire and the wheel, but I didn't think of that.)
No problem, I thought! I pulled the spare out of the wheel well and saw a little blue disk stuck on the side. I pick it up and ps-s-s-s-s-s-s-st! it was a broken-off pushpin, neatly holing my tire.
When I got the spare out for a better look, there as a second pin (red) stuck in the other side.
I have no idea how this happened or when. It would be a very odd sort of vandalism but I don't see how it could have happened accidentally. I'll probably never know.
At this point, I decided life was just too complicated with bad stuff. I really need to focus on what I'm good at, and let the other stuff go .... letting others handle it if I can find them. Mother-in-la gave me and my flat a ride to Costco, where I'd first bought it. Unfortunately they told me they couldn't fix the tire because of the flatsealer. When M-I-L pointed out that Wes Schwab had fixed tires with flatsealer in it, the technician sneered that Wes Schab would sell anything. I didn't like that response, but I wanted to get back to productive work, so we paid for a new tire.
I Can Haz Cute Cat
By the time I got home, I was resolved to just not deal with negative people. I informed my former partners that although they could contact me if they wished, I was not going to deal with them except through a representative. It's worth the money to let me concentration on what I prefer to do.
I then committed a few acts of creativity, e.g. start the Hawaii State Bar Association in wikipedia; this is not a project that makes me any money, but it gets me rolling so I can work on things that do.
At some point, the cat Imp rewarded me with an act of cute. I don't believe in all that whoo-whoo magic stuff, but sometimes the universe does provide messages.

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