Sunday, July 15, 2012

Solar Roof Party

Pam, Leslie and Kris
Every improvement deserves a party!
Today we hosted a "Roofwarming Party", celebrating our new roof, including its photovoltaic system.
According to the digital meters, we've generated 379 kilowatt hours and purchased from the grid 322 kilowatt hours, meaning that we a generating more than half of our electricity needs on our own. This is progress!
The party was also a means of connecting with friends old and new. 
The first attendees was Kevin Moen from Solterra Systems, our contractor. He brought some food and adult beverages, which was quite welcome. Our friend Ted Rutherford brought his daughter's dog, who he's watching while she and her family are working the boats.
Art from the house on the corner was an early guest, and talked long with Kevin about solar power.
Al Taylor from MITS and his wife Mary Jo stayed for quite a while.
From the WSBA came Matt, Pam and Leslie, the latter of whom talked about her hopes for a new job in Hawaii. We'll miss her but it seems a great opportunity, especially following the WSBA layoffs.
My brother David came in his blue Mustang convertible. He gave us nasturtium seeds from his container garden; we gave him more flowerpots: everybody wins!
Blair and Dina walked from their house on the corner; Blair and Kevin went back to the house to take measurements with a "Solmetric".
Some friends are regular dogwalkers. Pam, her son and their 5 dogs came by with their friend, whose name I forget, and her dog Scooter. Then a neighbor whose name I forget but his wife's name is Rose came and talked with Kevin a while.
Meg, Mimi and their daughter were the last guests. They brought fresh eggs from their hens and lettuce from their gardens. 
Now it's time to rest; this was a fine day of meeting and greeting. A party is a great way to share information while having fun!
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Small Footprints said...

Wow ... 1/2 of your energy? That's terrific!! I love that you had a party to celebrate and used it as a means to spread the word (we're always more willing to listen when we're having fun). I'm also really impressed that many of your friends walked to the party ... and that gift exchanges were so Eco-friendly. Nice!! Congratulations! Your home is truly becoming a green abode!

CelloMom said...

Congratulations! It must be a great feeling to green your roof like that!

Randy Winn said...

It's now the middle of winter, and the electricity continues to flow with no further effort on our part.

Because the sun is up less, we don't crank out as much juice, but we're still getting plenty. And the rain keep the solar cells nice and polished!