Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet-And-Green green websites....

My bloggy friend "Small Footprints" has a new idea for sharing green ideas: a "Meet & Greet Monday" where green bloggers can swap links. Check it out!

This week's links include:

1.Jen and Joey Go Green2.Canopy Avenue
3.Little Green Blog4.PLUS 2.4
5.The Greening Of Westford6.EcoGrrl
7.Eco Thrifty Living8.Groovy Green Livin
9.Almost All The Truth10.Green Gal
11.Our Tiny Earth12.All Natural Katie
13.Saving Our Trees14.ann nz
15.The Compost Bin16.Eco-Crap

This is a fun way to meet some new people and swap ideas!

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