Friday, April 20, 2012

Walking Clean And Green: A Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW) Challenge!

Systematically walking the neighborhood
brings fun, profit and a tidy environment!
This week's "Change The World Wednesday Challenge" s pretty simple:
"This week take a walk and pick up trash. Then, come back here and tell us what you found (photos of what you collected would be great)!" 
My walk back from the bus stop has 8 possible routes: two east-west streets and four north-south streets. I try to hit each route at least once a every two weeks, and 9 days out of 10pick up one or more aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The bottles go into my recycling bin and the cans, squashed, go into the old wicker basket in my back yard.
Earlier this week, I had to drive to some other chores, so I put the cans in the trunk and dropped them off at SoDo recycling. At 40 cents a pound, I went away with a clear profit, especially considering that I hadn't had to make a special trip - all the walking and the one drive were things I was doing anyway!
This sort of recycling won't make anyone rich, but every little bit helps. My neighborhood is a little bit cleaner, our economy is a little bit healthier, I had a fun chat with the guy at the recycling center ( you know that old cast iron sink I tossed last month? I could've recycled that too at 9 cents a pound. Oh well, live and learn!! ).
In her challenge, Reduce Footprints asked for photos of what I'd picked up on my walk and ... in a real sense ... it was the money pictured above. Go Green!

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