Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Our Daybed

Teh Awesome Daybed!
For almost as long as I have known her, Kris has talked up the virtues of a daybed, sort of a couch upon which a lady may array herself, to enjoy a book, some bon-bons, and what-she-will. We knew that, sooner or later, we would find one.
Sooner became now on Monday, when I was at the Thrift store. A man dropped of the pictured item, explaining that his grandmother had had it from Colorado, where it had come from a saloon or some such. He wasn't sure whether it was worth donating, but I assured him it was a generous donation and would be an asset.
Don, who usually prices vintage material, wasn't in that day, but I kept my eye on it. When Kris was done shopping, she saw it and instantly knew: This Was It!
The next day, I came in after morning yoga and asked about a price. It was a steep price, measured one way, but very reasonable, considering everything about it, and I paid it without hesitation. (This had the advantage also of freeing up floor space for some other items.)
By great luck, my brother's pickup was available (I'd driven it home from the airport Sunday, when he went to work) so bringing the thing home was not a big problem. Mother-in-law helped bring it into the living room, where it may stay for an awefully long time ... both Kris and the cats love it.
Looking more closely at the daybed, it's handmade of real wood - no particleboard! It'll probably need a little linseed oil, and we plan to redo the upholstery in a fabric more like the original ... perhaps red velvet. When you consider that this daybed is actually very practical, and will last as long as we do, it's really a very reasonable thing to get!
A nice thing about having a settled place to live is that we can gradually stock our space with quality stuff, collected a little at a time. We're not fancy people, but having read wood furniture means we won't have to replace things every decade or so. And who knows what the story behind this vintage item may be ... if only the wood could talk!

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MC/Curtis said...

It looks like a great piece of furniture.