Monday, January 02, 2012

O, Dog Samaritan!

Our friends for the moment...
Pulling up to the Roanoke for a sandwich, Kris and I saw a black dog standing confused in the road. A man in a pickup truck was looking at him, but the two were clearly not related - the dog was shying away barking, and the man was not calling to it.
I parked and Kris & I went over. The dog seemed lost; no collar, wet all over, and the truck man said he'd emerged from Lid Park. I talked to the dog and he barked back, but didn't seem interested going anywhere. I offered him a granola bar, which swiftly disappeared and he begged for more.
The other guy had to go off to work, and thanked us for taking care of the lost dog. I went into the Roanoke; the manager suggested maybe the dog had jumped out of a customer's car. I asked the crowd if anyone had a black dog in their car and one man perked up - he couldn't see how his dog could've gotten out but we went to see.
It wasn't his dog; his dog was still in his truck, and so was some dog food. So our new friend got some food in a bowl and fed the stranger dog. We talked with the dog, and knocked on a couple of doors next to the Roanoke, but no-one was home. The Rowy's manager came out with some water and some bacon; the dog wasn't thirsty but wolfed the bacon.
Finally, we called the nonemergency line, and the police said they'd send someone over. We figured we could wait; a car stopped and asked if we'd seen their dog - but it was a different dog.
Kris and I stepped inside the Roanoke to get takeout while the other guy watched the dog, when he came in. Someone done the street and come and called the dog, who came!
It looks like we may have been had - or maybe the dog really was lost. Who knows? But we had fun taking care of the dog for a while, and maybe the dog has learned that if he comes to the Roanoke, he'll get fed. We always do!

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