Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today's Peregrinations

Food Item or Alien Infestation?
Today after Pilates we stopped at Fred Meyer's to pick up a few more canning lids for the last batch of tomatoes. While there, we grabbed some brussels sprouts still on the stalk - probably the funniest-looking edible plant ever! We cruised over to the Capitol Hill Half Priced Books, to sell some culls and catch up on my reading; it's a nice place to while away an hour introducing yourself to new authors.
At home, I planted a whole lot of daylillies and other plants that had been surplused by a neighbor. I guess they spread as they grow, and have to be thinned every now and then; rather than put them in the yard waste, this neighbor sets them out for others to re-use, and I'm glad to cooperate. Some day we'll pass this on! In the meantime, we're brightening up our neighborhood and not incidentally converting more of our land away from dysfunctional turf into something that handles rainwater better.
Scott was working on his house next door and we took a break to discuss the universe or something like that. Later, Eric stopped by to pick up his bike; we b.s.'d for about an hour and I really couldn't tell you about what.
This evening we stopped by Big Al's for a tasty brew and a soup contest. Judging among the eight entries was difficult, since there were at least six styles presented, but it sure was fun and we can great conversation with neighborhood characters. A quick stop by Full Tilt for more ice cream, and then home to care for the cats and bring a quiet end to a pretty good day.
It seemed a short day, but of course it gets dark very soon, this time of year. I think it'd perfectly fine to accede to the seasons and try to take it easy in the dark season.

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