Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Air Shark

Houston, We Have A Problem
It's been a busy holiday (?aren't they always?) but slowing down now. We had time for fun, in between running around, stocking books, decorating the house and what-all.
Christmas Eve we drove up to my sister Kat's for a gift exchange and huge amount of food; Christmas Day we drove to Kris' sister Susie's for a gift exchange and moderate amounts of food. See the difference?
Kris found for me a gift that I would never have gotten for myself but which we all enjoyed very much: an air shark. We assembled it right away; Jason was a very steady and necessary hand in this; it may be possible to assemble the shark single handed but the room had a very high ceiling and the first step in the directions was to inflate the unit. This put plenty of firm tension on the skin of the balloon on which to attach the hardware, but it meant it was untethered and unballasted much of the time.
Once assembled, it was a huge amount of fun. Propulsion is by a motor that moves the tail either left or right, as you direct; it gives you an appreciate of how fish may maneuver.
Once we got it home, I thought dangling a ribbon from it would give the cats something to play with but they seemed to elaborately ignore it. It may be that it is too large and slow to around their chase and play feelings. Well, we humans have enough of that to fill in for them.
Thanks Kris!

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