Saturday, November 26, 2011

Frederic Pohl's Birthday Wish

The wonderful science fiction author and patriot Frederik Pohl (author of Day Million, The Space Merchants and the HeeChee Saga. He's one smart guy well worth listening to!)  posted the following today:
Dear Readers:
Today is my 92nd birthday, an age which gives me the privilege of asking for the kind of birthday present I would most like to get. That present is simply this: Please take this seriously.
As you can see, the letter below is addressed primarily to our American occupiers, since they’re the ones most likely to climb on and make it move. But it’s also for every American voter who can see that something is crucially threatening our society’s basic needs, and wants to do something to stop it.
Dear Occupier:
You’ve made a wonderful start! Now give the Republican war machine a kick where it hurts them the most. Copy the letter below. Send it to every Republican official or candidate in your state, town or district. Make some more copies and send them to all your friends … and do it quickly, before the Republican High Command finds some way of stopping it.
The Republicans think they own everything, from the Supreme Court to your local school board. They come pretty close, too. But they don’t own your vote — yet. Use it while you’ve still got it!
Print or type your name
And your home address
All of it
Dear former Republican friend:
This letter is to let you know that your Party’s tactics of destroying the ability of our government to function by means of your no-tax increase-pledge is too recklessly destructive a threat to be taken, even by fanatics.
Accordingly, I now pledge that I, the undersigned, will never again vote for any Republican candidate for any elective office in America until the Republican Party abandons this perilous, un-American and very nearly treasonable action.
Sincerely yours,
(A Registered Voter
At the Above Address.)
(original here)
After all the good stuff this guy has given us, shouldn't we give him one little gift?

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