Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maddow In The Man-Cave, Explaining The Inexplicable

A good example of why I try to catch Rachel Maddow's program via her network's website, every day, is her witty and intelligence explanation of a bit of news that you may well find incredible:

I've been commenting to incredulous friends that the "Pro-Life" movement is lead by people who want to shut down birth control itself, but it's a heavy lift because the plain facts are just too unbelievable. Who could be trying to deny us The Pill, IUDs, and so forth? Just google "is the pill an abortion" and, once you scroll past Planned Parenthood, you'll goggle at the stupid - there's just so much!
Hopefully, the brave woman who put the question to Romney, and Rachel's insanely great "Man Cave" concept, will wake people up.
However, I must question Maddow's use of "nonalcoholic beer" in the segment. Some things are sacred! and the drinking of fake beer is massively offensive to beer lovers everywhere!

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