Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Hang Out! A #CTWW Laundry Tip!

Hanging Shirts: Effective & Cheap!
As I hung my shirts to dry in the sun, I realized that this week's Change The World Wednesday Challenge was easy for The Lazy Man to try:
"...look around your home at all the ways you use electricity. Choose one and don't use it for one entire day."
I don't like the electric clothes dryer. Partly this is because it waste money: so long as you have the space to hang up your clothes to dry, and the patience and/or foresight to do so, there is no reason in the world to burn money burning energy to burn the water out of your laundry.
In this, I am somewhat a minority opinion in my household. Laundry is a subject that touches us every day in many ways, and it's important to find ways that are comfortable with all present. Some people just don't like the feel of line-dried clothing, but for me, it's just nice.
The other disadvantage of the clothes dryer is that it encourages people to do a lot of meaningless folding. Folded shirts, in particular, have to be stacked somewhere, which makes retrieving them for use an issue.
How much better it is, in every way, simply to hang each shirt, fresh from the wash, on a hanger, hang that shirt to dry in the sun, and then (when dry) onto a rod. Scanning a rod for the desired shirt is swift and easy. The only cost for this system is an initial investment in as many hangers as you have shirts; since they last for decades this is insignificant.
Perhaps I've gone on and on with this subject more than was necessary but it's only because it seems so irrational to do otherwise. Some day we may view the clothes dryer as we view 8-track-tapes: artifacts of another time.


Small Footprints said...

When I was a kid, the dryer was only used on rainy Seattle days ... otherwise, the laundry was hung out on a line. It smelled so good! There was something very "zen" about bringing the basket of wet clothes to the line and carefully hanging each item.

For some reason, strange attitudes have developed about line drying ... I've heard a young person say that she would be too embarrassed to line dry (evidently she associates it with poverty) ... our apartment complex won't allow it because it wouldn't be visually appealing. Strange what we humans think about things, isn't it?

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth said...

It is amazing how a simple thing that previous generations thought nothing of has come to be so difficult for our modern lifestyle

Hanging clothes outside has been something I have been wanting to do more of, just don't have a good way to do it yet. The town we lived before had an ordinance against it, so I am also trying to find out if there is anything here too.